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We are dedicated to keeping clients abreast of the latest developments and tax-saving strategies. This section includes a library of hundreds of timely articles about business, taxes, finances, trends and the like. The articles are categorized by subject matter, which can be accessed from the links. Click on your topic of interest and find a wealth of information.


Unusual weather and other natural environmental conditions can impact you both physically and financially. The following articles include a brief overview of casualty losses and how they might impact your tax return, an emergency supplies checklist, and tips on how to prepare for an earthquake.


Casualty Losses Effects on Taxes
The following is a brief overview of casualty losses and how they might impact your tax return. The information provided is by no means complete and for further details, you should contact this office.


Emergency Supplies Checklist
Stocking up now on emergency supplies can add to your safety and comfort during and after an earthquake. Store enough supplies for at least 72 hours.


Preparing Your Family For An Earthquake
When preparing for an earthquake, plan on having enough supplies to get you and your family through at least the first 72 hours. After a major earthquake, there's a good chance that traditional emergency response teams will be too busy to take care of you and your family. You need to prepare your home and neighborhood.


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